My Best Fox So Far

I think this is my best fox so far.  I made him of several separate pieces, attaching the ears, legs, back feet, and tail.  Lately I’ve done better at forming the fat cheeks on foxes and wolves before I get too far in the sculpting, and I think that really helps.

I’ve attached the tail with a half toothpick – pressing the broken, fat end into the rump then pressing the tail onto the sharp protruding end.  I like this better than strengthening joints with wire because the clay isn’t so slippery on the wood.

Another thing I’ve been doing lately is applying the mica powders more sparingly.  It gives a more subtle look.

These tiny star-shaped brads have become my new “signature,” along with my name stamp from Charm Factory.  The star goes somewhere conspicuous and the name stamp goes on the bottom or back.

The 32 gauge white wire I got from Fusion Beads is a real treasure for whiskers.


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