Digital Art!?!?

Of all the types of art that I thought I would never get into, digital art has topped the list.  It just hasn’t interested me.  I need to feel the pencil, brush, or clay.

But the other day I logged onto Etsy to take a look at my shop and saw a piece that really grabbed me on the home page.  I immediately went to Geraldine Toucourt’s shop and found myself absolutely enchanted by her artwork.  And guess what?  It’s digital art.

As best I can tell, she creates original watercolors of her primary subjects and them layers them over other images, perhaps other watercolors of hers or (so it seems to me but my apologies to Geraldine if I’m incorrect) scans of interesting printed papers like scrapbook papers.   I found that approach quite intriguing.

Then yesterday when I was working on my spring mural I looked at it in a different way.  The section that I was working on – a distant tree-covered hillside – had a lot of appeal from both a graphic and a color point of view.  So I took these photos and am saving them for some future experiments in digital art.  I’ll have to learn more on FireWorks (or get PhotoShop Elements and learn that) but it should be an interesting journey.

I’m going to take similar photos of the corresponding hillside in the winter mural before I send it off as I think those excerpts have similar possibilities.


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