The Murals are Finished!

About an hour ago I put the last brushstroke of varnish on the Spring mural.  I’m done now!  With all four!

Here’s a photo of the right third or so.  Cropped this way, the composition looks bad with Miss Lily, the dog, right in the middle.  But, take it from me, it’s fine when you see the whole thing.

What a fascinating journey these murals have been.  So much about them has been new for me – the size, working on canvas, working this quickly.  But much has been familiar, especially the animals.  And when I had the breakthrough of thinking of them as “scenes” rather than “landscapes” the landscape painting was familiar too.  Most fun of all, I think, was working with the same scene over four different seasons and the chance to play with four different color schemes applied to the same subject.

My only regret was working so fast.  With more time, I could have done more.  But perhaps with more time I would have never finished even the first one.

My dining room was my studio for this project because it was the only place I could set up a large enough work surface.  I really don’t use the dining room except at Christmas and maybe one or two other times a year.  So, at least for a few months, I’m going to keep it as a quasi-studio.  I’ll only take down half of my “easel” which will leave me a 4′ high by 6′ long space.  So I’ll have a place to work on some more larger – but not this large – paintings. 

With this happy experience behind me, I’m ready and excited to move on.


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