AM – After Murals

I woke up this morning with a delicious, luxurious question on my mind – “what should I do today?”  It took a while for the answer to come to me but in the end it was (big surprise) a fox! A ceramic one.

I’ll have to reserve my decision until after I fire and glaze a few of these, but I’m thinking I’d like to work with porcelain and/or stoneware.  Stoneware has such a different, rustic look that works well for the animals.  And porcelain just seems more luxurious than regular ol’ clay.  But the downside of either of those is that I’ll need to get my own kiln that will do high fire whereas I can get my regular ol’ clay stuff fired at the local ceramics place.

Meanwhile, it will still be a while until I can glaze either the fox or the horse I made about 10 days ago.  I knocked the tail off the greenware horse so I have to reattach it then allow more drying time before I can even bisque fire it.  If I get more into ceramics I’ll have to find a safer place to let my clay pieces dry.

Working with this clay is different from polymer clay but enough of the techniques seem to transfer for me to be fairly comfortable with it.  Anyway, it’s fun!


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