Back to the Basics

Yesterday I was cleaning up the studio and came across a drawing of a cat that I had started a few weeks ago.  I’ve been a bit “lost in space” since completing the murals, not quite sure of what I wanted to tackle next.  So I decided to finish the cat – back to the basics of drawing.  This particular cat is “Binky” and I found her photo in Best Friends’ magazine (Best Friends is a wonderful animal shelter in Utah).  Not only is Best Friends a great organization, but their magazine is up-lifting and filled with photos of the sweetest animals.  It’s a good and fun exercise to draw some portraits from the magazine.  My favorite part of the drawing process with the point where my drawing takes on a life of its own and separates from the photgraphic likeness I’m working from.  After finishing Binky, I began on Joey and hope to finish his portrait tomorrow.

I made a mistake on this drawing at the very beginning and now I’m stuck with no way to fix it.  Do you see it?  I forgot to incise the eyebrow hairs over the left eye.  Acrylic paint just doeesn’t show up.  Drat!


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