Murals in Situ

Here are the finished murals installed in the Ag Building at the County Fair in Bloomsburg, PA.  They were well received, and I am proud of them.  They’re colorful and are something that the fair goers enjoy.  The Amish did a wonderful job of installing them.  They can be removed from the wall easily in case of another disaster like the flood that ruined the interiors of the fair buildings last year.

I am grateful to Sharon and the Fair Board for the opportunity to create these.  It was a welcome – though sometimes disconcerting – stretch for me, an opportunity to raise some money for the animals at Fat Kitty City and Idaho Black Bear Rehab, and a confirmation of my work.  It was also a confirmation of my belief that when you “get out there” things come back to you in some form or other.

This project gave me confidence in painting big and in working with acrylics.  In fact, I’m going to work on a painting for the call from our local hospital.  They are opening a new wing and are looking for art by local artists.  It will be competitive, but worth a try.

Anyway, a chapter well ended.


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