Corgi Gets a Treat

After completing the class witch and the Wayfarer, I knew I would like to try working smaller and so I made this little elf.  She is just 7″ tall and I enjoyed making her quite a bit.  For whatever reason, I just like working small.

Her hair is a cap I crocheted from Lion Brand Fun fur, an eyelash yarn that comes in lots of nice colors.  Its unkempt look is a favorite of mine and, I must admit, mimics my own hair “style!”

The bulge you see around her middle is the gripper part of the stand.  I just got this cheapie stand from Michaels and I need to find (or make) some nicer ones.  These just detract from the quality of work on the doll herself.

Anyway, the vest is ultrasuede that I did a lot of beading on.  The points are tipped with tiny gold bells.  It’s closed with a beautiful vintage glass cabochon that I glued on. It has a lovely knotted design in gold that is reminiscent of a Celtic knot.  So, of course, she needs a Welsh Corgi and a star would surely indicate the dog’s magical powers.

The elf is holding a tiny dog biscuit in her hand.  The dog biscuit, as well as the Corgi and the elf’s head, hands, and feet are polymer clay.  The Corgi and biscuit are Fimo Soft and the elf parts are Puppen.

When I work with light color polymer clay I have a lot of trouble with transferring dirt and dust particles to the clay, but the Puppen seems to magically “lose” them during the curing!  Yea!

By the way, the pants are a gorgeous deep red silk velvet that I bought as a fat quarter on eBay.  And the final touches were the ankle bracelet made from tiny gold Charlotte beads and the two feathers in her hair – feathers from my very own ducks!


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