The Wayfarer

I showed a few of my friends how to construct an art doll and they wanted to make Santas.  I’m not really into that and planned to make a Sherwood Forest – Anglo/Saxon times, that is – Santa.  But once I put the hair on it, it became a she.  So the plan changed.

 I dressed her in clothing that I hoped would evoke Sherwood Forest, but upscaled a bit with the embroidery on the sleeves and the fur-trimmed cloak. 

This cloak turned out really well except that its quality doesn’t really show like it should.  I lined the hood and pointed details on the back (trimmed with rusty bells) with red silk, but it doesn’t show.  I should have lined the rest of the cloak as well and then I think it would have been pretty spectacular.  Lesson learned.  No skimping.

The walking stick is a branch from one of my climbing roses, de-thorned and with the bark whittled away.  The little birds are polymer clay.  Her hair is wool roving.  I used tiny eyelets for scrap-booking on her bodice for the cording.  I still want to add an ivy branch twining around the walking stick.  Maybe I can make the leaves from silk stiffened with Mod Podge.  We’ll see.


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