I have been surprised at how many of my artist friends are interested in learning how to make these dolls.  So I’m going to teach a workshop at our local craft store late in January.  It will last three days. 

The first day we’ll sculpt the head, hands, and feet – boots in this case.

The second day we’ll make the armature and construct and pad the doll form.

Then on the third day we’ll make the clothes and add the hair.  The jeans are simply made from denim scraps and a pair of fuzzy crew-type socks is perfect for making the sweater.  We won’t have time to knit the scarf and cap, but I’ll give directions and for those who can’t knit, I’ll show how to make a cap to match the sweater from another part of the sock.  By the way, she’s holding a snowball made from polymer clay and coated with glitter.

I hope people sign up because it will be fun to teach. 


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