A Polar Outing

I’ve written about this polar bear before, but here she is all finished.  She and her two seal companions are headed out across the ice for some winter fun.
The costumes in this piece are quite understated.  The bear’s hoodie is made from a fuzzy sock and I crocheted her scarf from some recycled cotton yarn.  The seals are only wearing scarves – knit from cotton yarn and secured with pretty vintage buttons.  I just fell in love with the orange and pink combination on this sock.  I carried that color scheme through to the seals by using a variegated pink/white yarn for their scarves and then using an orange button to secure one and a pink button to secure the other.   Those colors add a nice bright tropical touch to the otherwise wintry scene.
I made the snowball that the one seal is balancing from polymer clay that I coated – after curing – with Art Glitter’s Faux Snow glitter.  If you’ve never seen their glitter, you should really check it out – the gorgeous colors and choice of finishes will take your breath away.  Here’s the link: http://www.artglitter.com.
Making the sled was the biggest challenge in this piece.  I made it from think strips of oak, and brass strips and tubing available from hobby stores.  I bent and cut the metal strips into the runners and cut small lengths of tubing for the struts to attach the runners to the wood sled.  For that task I used E6000 glue, which is one of my favorite products.  The rope is a twisted cord I made from thin satin cord.  Tiny dots of velcro on the cord and the bear’s paw allow the bear to “pull” the sled.


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