Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

I’ve already written about the first four – the little elf with her Corgi, the stable elf, the pastry chef elf, and Eveline.  Here’s the fifth one, “Bee Girl.”

My favorite part of Bee Girl is her clothing.  It’s all silk, with the exception of the under-skirt which is a beautiful soft cotton brocade, a luxurious quilt backing fabric, actually.

Her skirt is supposed to resemble a flower.  It’s made of six separate pieces, three pink petals and three green/gold sepals.  Each of those pieces is, in turn, made of four pieces, two for the right side and two for the lining.  They’re cut so that when a pair is sewn together it’s shaped like a petal.  As on all the dolls, it’s all hand-sewing.

Her sleeves are a delicate light pink and her bodice is a sage green with a bee design woven in.  The ruff is ribbon that’s sheer with ruffled satin-y edges.

She’s holding a bee I made from polymer clay wrapped with fuzzy shiny embroidery thread for the black and gold stripes.  In her other hand, she’s holding a flower stem for the bee.

Her hair is curly wool and the ornament is a vintage enameled and jewelled bee pin.  I formed her legs from green polymer clay and painted them with gold designs.


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