That Awkward Stage

There always seems to be a phase in every project where it just looks weird, and I’m definitely there with this one.  She’s a real pin head, isn’t she?  And so is the bear!

But I like the dress and the boots.  The boots are felted from a yummy colored piece of felting bat that came in one of Living Felt’s Specialty Designer Packs (   I’m felting the bear with their products too.

I made the dress from scraps of a beautiful pure cotton quilting backing fabric that I have.  The scraps are leftovers from a quilt I made my daughter and son-in-law as a wedding present, so every time I use some of that fabric it evokes happy memories.  But the star of the dress is the vintage lace pieces that I embellished it with.  I got them all on Etsy from shops here in the US so I assume that they were originally made here.  The exception is the darker rosette at her waist.  I crocheted that one just for fun.  I used size 30 crochet thread, and I think the thread on many of the vintage pieces must be size 80 or 100 (much thinner!).  I marvel at the workmanship of these old pieces and am glad to find them a new home.  The large scalloped piece around the waist – the piece that forms a sort of overskirt – is delicate Irish crochet with its gorgeous 3D roses.

Speaking of old pieces, it give me pause to use them in this way.  But, as I say, I think I’m giving them new life.  None of them are in perfect condition and are probably not usable in any other way.  I hope I am honoring them – which is my intention.


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