It’s Always Such a Relief to have HAIR!

Yes, even if it’s green, it’s a relief to finally have hair.

I made pretty good progress today.  “Fleshed out” the bear with more brown wool, felted the bear’s saddle bags blanket and the fairy’s capelet, and added her hair.  I also gave her antenna, a sweet gold butterfly on her forehead, and a little bracelet on her right wrist.

What remains are the saddle bags (baskets, probably) for the bear, all the flowers, her wings, and then any finishing touches.  And I need to name them.

I found it difficult to begin felting the bear’s blanket and her capelet, but once I started it turned out to be easy.  The various wools – yarns, roving, and batting – in the Living Felt Specialty Designer Pack are nicely coordinated, so the only problem, really, was the design which magically fell into place.

Here’s a photo of her face.


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