The Thistle Begins to Bloom

After looking through my fabrics I discovered that I had stuff I could use so I went ahead with the dress despite not having the lavendar dupioni silk I ordered.

So here it is so far.  After doing the pantaloons from purple silk I added wto ruffled layers of tulle, the first a medium purple and the top one lavendar.  I cut sharp points in the lower edges of each to better simulate the blossom of a thistle.

The next step was to begin the bodice.  I’m starting by layering folded points of satin ribbon.  I don’t know how far I’ll go with this or what I’ll do with the sleeves.  Hopefully good ideas will come to me as I proceed.

As usual, I can’t wait to get to the hair.  It’s so tempting to do it now but if I do I’ll make working on the clothes around the neck much harder, so I’ll restrain myself! 


2 thoughts on “The Thistle Begins to Bloom”

  1. Thanks, Marja. The idea of more points, but smaller is a good one! But I got lazy and just finished up with a piece of green silk then a ribbon rose. I just posted the finished Thistle, so you may want to take a look.

    I enjoy your comments, and take care!


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