Fun With Ribbon

Ever since I received my books on ribbonwork I’ve had the idea of making a pin cushion from a cat food can.  So the other day I got started and am very happy with the result.  And I found a way to use the coral color rose which was the first ribbon rose I made.  The pin cushion has two different kinds of flowers, two kinds of leaves, and a bud.  The construction method for the bud (the medium pink thing between the coral and golden yellow roses) would make pretty blueberries – at least that’s what I thought when I was making it.
After the pin cushion I wasn’t quite ready to stop so went on to make the pin with the large pink rose.  I made the individual flowers and leaves then stitched them to a backing of silk stretched over a piece of cardboard.  I finished the pin by gluing a piece of ultrasuede to the back.  I cut holes in the ultrasuede to accomodate the ends of a pin back which was glued under the ultrasuede.  And I finished the edges by whip-stitching the edges of the ultrasuede to the edges of the silk.
Another thought I had for using this grouping was to glue it to a jar lid and then fill the jar with Hershey’s kisses for a sweet Valentine’s present.  I have several nice jars from the medium-size Yankee Candle candles.  They’re very simple plain jars – straight up and down and about as wide as they are tall.  And the lids are flat so gluing the flowers to the lid should be a snap.
The little yellow rose is for a tiny hair clip.  I’m planning to add a few leaves and a tiny blue flower or two.
Ribbonwork is fun!

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