More ‘Tiny’ Art

This is my work from yesterday.  Our art club is having a retreat this weekend.  We’ve rented a large art room in one of the local junior colleges and are getting together, doing our own art things, and enjoying each others’ company.  Yesterday was the first day of the event and I completed these two ACEOs.

I wanted to spend the time practicing my colored pencil technique.  Sometimes it’s frustrating, especially because I can’t get a sharp enough point (I use a mechanical pencil for drawing, so always have a very sharp point) and the point that I do manage to get quickly wears down.  So detail is difficult for me.  I keep thinking about how I could do so much better with a small brush.  But I’m determined to work on this medium.

In the end, I was happy with these two efforts.

The parrot is on white paper because I wanted really bright  colots.  But the fox is on toned paper.  I like both papers used in the ways that are most appropriate to them. 


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