Next in the ACEO Parade!

Here’s the next ACEO I did over the weekend – a big-eared owl.  The moon is an image I just can’t resist.  I know that I have too much “light” on the front side of the owl since the light source is behind him.  But after I checked that my artistic license hadn’t expired, I went ahead.

I ordered a few tubes of gouache the other day and can’t wait for them to arrive.  Then I’ll work on some ACEOs with a combination of those (I got acrylic gouache) and soft-body acrylics.  That combination should work well for me.  I can get lights over darks, and glazes of the soft-body acrylics will give me a lot of subtle color gradation.

But I do like the look of colored pencil.  The graininess – which is there despite rubbing with solvent – gives an interesting texture.  And I can get very nice soft edges like on the edges of this owl.  I suppose I may miss that with the acrylics.  We’ll see!


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