The First of the Dramatis Personae

I’m beginning a new venture.  Actually, it’s something I’ve done twice in the past but this time I’m in it for the long run and will be taking it seriously.  I’m selling my ACEOs on eBay.  I’m always so reluctant to part with what I make, but it’s time to just deal with that problem and get on with it.  After all, I paint many more things than I can enjoy myself, and I’d like to raise money to donate to animal charities.

I began with the ones I did at the art camp last weekend.  So I had five listed.  One expired without selling and of the other four I have a bid on one.  So onward!

I spent much of yesterday developing a template for my eBay listings, one with (hopefully) a bit of class along with a dash of pizazz!

I’ll be doing all kinds of animal subjects, but among them will be several using a “cast of characters” that I’m beginning to develop.  I have the first two of my rabbit family – young Buttercup and Clover.  Waiting in the wings (of my imagination) are Daisy their sister, and Wild Rose, their mom.  Many adventures await them in the meadows and woodlands.  Can’t wait!
Unlike the ones I did at the art camp, these two are acrylic on Strathmore acrylic paper which has a nice canvas texture.  I was pleased with how well the paint goes on this paper, and surprised at how much detail I could get (keep in mind that these paintings are 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″).  I enjoy using soft-body acrylics transparently and getting something of a watercolor effect. (Ironically, watercolor itself truly drives me crazy!)  The only problem with these is that a bit difficult to photograph with the canvas texture.

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