The ACEOs just keep coming

I decided to make a small series of ACEOs depicting bird feeder raiders and began with these two.  It seemed like a good idea but it was a bit challening to come up with a list of animals after the obvious one – squirrel!

After more thought I identified bears, raccoons, and deer as other potential poachers.

High on my bucket list, but possibly never to be satisfied, is my desire to someday live where black and/or brown bears are plentiful.  How exciting it would be to look out the window and see bears in my backyard!

Raccoons are pretty cute too, and they are plentiful around here.  But my big white dog keeps them in hiding most of the time!

Although I liked both these little paintings, neither one received a bid the first time I listed them.

Speaking of which, predicting which ACEOs will sell is a complete mystery to me.  The piece that has sold for the highest price so far went unbid-for through three whole listing periods and up untl the last day of the fourth listing.  Then there was a flurry of bidding at the last minute.  Pieces that I really like go unsold while pieces that I am less sure of receive multiple bids.  Since overall they are selling well I’m just going to continue painting what I like and seeing how it goes.

It’s always difficult for me to part with one of my paintings, but it feels good to raise money for animal charities.


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