Body Building

The arms will attach at the end as I want them to be movable.  But I can assemble the rest of the body before I begin the surface embellishment.

So I glued the tail on with two-part epoxy glue, then glued the legs on.  After the glue set I added more paper clay on the leg joints, both to improve the shape and also to strengthen the joint.  I wrapped some aluminum foil around the dowel before I applied the paper clay, both to shorten drying time and save on clay! 

The first leg joint went fine.  But as I began working with the second one, just the pressure of forming the foil snapped the glue joint.  Actually, the glue held.  But there was such a thin layer of paper clay over the plastic bottle that a chip of the clay came off.  So – lesson learned – either glue directly to the plastic bottle (as for the tail) or to a spot where the clay is sufficiently thick (as for the first leg).  I glued the chip (with leg attached) back in place, then proceeded as with the first one.

The next step is to let it dry for a few days then begin the paper phase of the embellishment.  I think the embellishment is the most fun, so I can’t wait!


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