Cerrunnos, the Completed Fox Totem

I’ve been quiet for so long that it’s going to be somewhere between difficult and impossible to catch up, and things won’t be in the order created, but here goes!

Here’s the finished fox totem which I’ve named Cerrunnos.  Cerrunnos is the Celtic Lord of the Forest and is typically portrayed as a stag.  But, hey, I’m all about foxes!  Just to give a nod to tradition, he has stag horns (which I made of rusted wire).  There is a pine cone (polymer clay) n the niche in his chest.  An owl gazes wisely from his forehead, a squirrel sits on his leg, and a little snake slithers along his tail.

The decoration is primarily a collage of various printed text from old books.  Most is illegible because of overlays and swatches of paint and gesso. But there are excerpts on his chest that are perfectly readable – snippets from a vintage dictionary which are nice little line drawings of various forest animals and accompanying text.

This piece was an impulsive experiment, inspired by the shape of a lotion bottle.  The one thing I wish I had done differently was disguise the underlying form.  Next time……


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