More Like Me

Here are two ACEOs that are more in my typical style.  I completed them a while ago.  The cat fairy sold on eBay and I gave the collie to my sister because she liked it so much.
As far as the cat fairy goes, it’s so fun doing these fanciful subjects because anything goes!  Accordingly, I added interference paint, ultra-fine glitter and glitter stars (from on her wings, art glitter on the star around her neck, and Swarovski flat-back crystals at the tips of her fairy antennae.  Some day I’ll have to do a larger, more complex cat fairy painting.  Something showing the whole body and more than one cat so that I can get a little story line going.
As for the collie, I enjoy doing the gold scroll work, although I could use a bit more practice on my stroke-work painting.  I like the old-fashioned look.  And, as always, it’s so rewarding to see the fur come alive.  There are lots of brush strokes involved, but all it takes is patience.



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