Working on the Ducks

I’ve finished sculpting the two ducks and now I’ve begun painting them.  First I sealed them with a coat of Liquitex clear gesso.  I find that this product gives me a surface that is easy to paint on, especially when I’m floating the colors.  I’m using Liquitex soft body acrylics.  I really like those paints, but I wish they came in more colors, especially a wider variety of browns and grays.  Yes, I know I can mix them.  I’m pretty good at mixing colors, actually, but I find it such a pain to do!
The duck on the left will be the Lady of the Lake’s attendant.  I’m not sure of her name yet, but she’s a mallard.  The feathers are a bit fussy, but it’s worth it.  This is what she looks like after two days of painting.
This past weekend our local art group had an art camp.  We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in a room we rented at the local junior college.  It’s a large art studio classroom with lots of tables and sinks right there in the room.  Everyone worked on their own projects, and it’s always fun to see what the others are doing.  We bring sugary snacks, so it’s a good thing that these events only occur four times a year!


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