Wisdom Lies Within


This may be my favorite journal yet – a beautiful starry night sky with a full moon, wintry branches, and a portrait of a little barn owl.  These are images that I find myself drawn to over and over.  Bare tree branches may not elicit the fuzziest of feelings, but I like the sense of mystery and I like the linear, almost calligraphic look.

This is a relatively large journal – the pages are 8 1/2″ x 7″ – legal size paper folded in half.  And I have six signatures of eight sheets each, so there are 192 pages – lots of space to fill.

I painted it with acrylics, and the ring around the moon and swirls in the sky are Liquitex Interference acrylics, Interference Violet and Interference Blue.  I love a bit of metallic shimmer.

I hope the message “Wisdom Lies Within” won’t be intimidating to whoever ends up with this journal.  I would hate to see it stay empty.  Maybe an owl-lover will own it and fill it with “praise of owls” – which would be wisdom indeed.


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