Mouse Tracks

Here’s a very small journal.  The sheets of paper are quarter sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper, so the pages are a mere 2 3/4″ wide by 4 1/4″ tall.  I call this design “Mouse Tracks.”  The name came to me because I wanted to do the little painting of the mouse face and also because I thought with such a small page size, one would be writing mere mouse tracks inside the book.

So that gave me the idea for the background cover design.  Actual mouse tracks probably don’t look quite like this – that is, the individual footprints are probably spaced differently.  But the track of the tail, as well as the shape and relative size of the front and back footprints are pretty accurate.

I continue to enjoy making these canvas covered journals as the canvas provides so many possibilities and the journal format allows, if not encourages, fanciful and decorative designs.


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