Where’s the Mohawk?

I forgot to take a photo of this chicken when she was painted but before she was clothed.  I painted all of her – except for the upper wings – because even though I knew she would be largely covered with clothing I didn’t know exactly where the borders would be.  So it was a bit tedious, but I really didn’t mind.  Painting is nearly always fun!

The Punk Chicken is now nearly finished.  She has her clothes, combat boots, spiked collar and most of her piercings.  But where’s the Mohawk?

But before I address that serious question, a bit about the clothing construction.  I’m soooooo glad I made the wings separately – it made the whole clothing process much easier.

Anyway, I began with the skirt.  I gathered lengths of tulle onto a ribbon waistband.  There are four tulle layers and I gathered each of them separately so the skirt would be fluffier.  To attach it, I simply glued the ribbon waistband to her body with Alene’s Fast Grab glue, one of my four favorite glues (the others being E6000, WeldBond, and 5-minute cure two part epoxy).  The tulle was the same length all the way around, so I got out my sharp fabric scissors and trimmed it to be shorter in the front.  I also used the scissors to chop and rough up the hemline.  The waistband needed a more finished look, so I hand stitched a bias cut piece of fabric, folded back on each long edge, over the ribbon with the seam under where one of the wings would be.

The t-shirt was next.  I used a piece of sleeve from one of my old t-shirts for the fabric, utilizing the sleeve hem for the hem at the bottom edge of the shirt.  I knew the shirt would be covered with the jacket, so all I needed was a piece for the front.  I hemmed the top edge for the neckline, then distressed the fabric with scrapes, holes, and cuts then painted “DESTROY” across the chest with Jacquard fabric paint.  For finishing touches I glued flat-back Swarovski crystals in a line under the lettering then added grunge with brown fabric paint, a make-up sponge, and a light rubbing motion.  I just glued the t-shirt piece in place with dots of Alene’s Fast Grab glue at the corners.
For the jacket, I used pieces cut from an old pair of denim shorts.  It’s mostly made from pieces from pockets, using the original hemmed edges from the shorts.  But the collar is made from a piece of the waistband.  The buttons are rivets I carefully cut from the shorts and painstakingly pulled all the fabric out of.  It’s hard to describe how I made the jacket except to say that the back is one piece and each front is a separate piece.  They’re sewn together at the shoulders, but the sides are open with the raw edges under the wings.  Once I sewed the collar on the jacket, I glued it in place under where the wings would be.  The wings are just wrapped with the fabric glued in place on the back sides.  The wires on the backs of the wings fit into holes on the body, and I glued the wings on with E6000 glue.

 Nice tail piercing, don’t you think?
As for the mohawk, I’m still trying to figure out how to make it.  I almost wish I had sculpted the comb more extremely.  Then I could have painted it pink and it would be the Mohawk.  I considered sawing off the current comb and re-doing it, but decided that would be too risky.  So I’ve ordered some pink doll hair and I’ll see if I can make a Mohawk out of that.


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