Time for Goth

Here’s the Goth hen, all painted and ready for costuming.  The white patch on the upper wing is simply an unpainted area that I left that way because I absolutely know it will be completely covered with fabric.

The black and white on her face is typical Goth make-up – very light skin with large, dark eyes and black lips and  “hair.”  I’ve left a bit of the red of the wattle showing to suggest that the black is Gothmake-up.  I may decide later to widen the black “lipstick” so that it looks less like just the shadow of the recess where the upper and lower beaks meet.

I had a severe engineering issue with this hen.  The legs weren’t strong enough.  While I was painting her I inadvertently rested her on her toes and I guess I must have put some pressure on because her left leg broke a little above the ankle.  I had to pull it apart and remove the useless wooden skewer to make room for plenty of two part epoxy glue to fill the cavity and hopefully hold the leg together.  I’ll put shoes on her with soles cut from 1/4″ birch plywood.  With the toes all glued to the wooden soles, hopefully the two legs and feet will form one rigid piece which will hold up better.  But it’s just another reminder of how important strength and engineering are in constructing these figures. 


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