Mousie Mouse Bits

I started this mouse a while ago, and now I’m waiting on some fabric that I ordered for my Goth chicken, so I’m going to work on the mouse during the chicken hiatus.

Today I painted the head, hands, and feet.  It’s so true that things happen in their own time.  I made these stoneware pieces back in June while I was at the NIADA conference.  I finally fired them a few weeks ago.  And during that whole time, there was a fretting spot in the back of my mind concerned with how I would add color to them.

I thought of acrylic, or oils, or pastel dust followed by fixative and none of them seemed quite right.  But today I just plunged in – finally!  I got out the wool that I will use for felting the body, because I have to match the head, hands, and feet colors to the wool.  And I decided to take the path of least resistance, which I considered to be the acrylic paints.

I worked mainly with a small beat-up round bristle brush and a dabbing motion.  Except I used a nice synthetic round for the eyes, a synthetic flat for the nose which I shaded darker at the bottom, and a liner for the mouth.  It worked fairly well.  The stoneware is very textured, and the color looks nice and soft.

Because I knew the eyes wouldn’t be really shiny, I added painted highlights.  For a sealer, I used brush-on acrylic varnish – gloss for the eyes and satin elsewhere. 


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