Frog Fairy in the Garden!

Fiona doesn’t seem to notice the frog fairy that’s come into the garden – good thing for the fairy!

As you can see, my frog fairy doll is finally completed.  In the other photos you’ll be able to see the details better.

Her wings are chiffon stitched over wire.  Her antennae are beads on wires glued into (I’m sorry to say!) holes drilled into her forehead (ouch!).

I might ordinarily have decorated her outfit even more.  For instance, I tried to find little silk roses the coral color of the bodice to dot over the skirt.  I couldn’t find any locally, and ordered two batches off Etsy, but neither of the colors were quite right.  In the end, I decided it was OK because this fairy is for my infant granddaughter and the fewer little pieces that might conceivably come off and find their way into her mouth, the better!

By the way, the sequined flower motif at her waist is from an old pair of flip-flops.  When they wore out and it was time to toss them I cut off those decorations and saved them  You never know when bling is going to come in handy…

My favorite part about this piece is the splaying fingers and toes.  When I researched frogs I found information that they have seven toes on their front feet and three on the back feet.  I really had my doubts about seven toes.  Can that be right?  Anyway, I had trouble just fitting five, so I guess she’s anatomically incorrect.  But then, frogs don’t usually fly!!!


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