Back into the Etsy Swing of Things

After several months with nothing listed in my Etsy shop I finally got back down to business by listing this little polymer clay polar bear totem and two other pieces.  I think this bear has a very sweet face and an engaging pose, but I’ll just have to see what potential buyers think.

I’m renewing the look of my shop in a couple of different ways. 

First, I created a series of backdrops that I plan to use for all of my photos.  They’re simple sheets of poster board that I sealed with spray primer then painted.  For each backdrop I used two colors – a base color and a slightly lighter tint of the same color with which I added overall texture with a large fan brush.  So many Etsy sellers use plain white background and I know that there are several advantages to those, but I prefer something with a bit more color than the stark white.  So I have made six background from which to choose – taupe, gray, gray-green, purple, dark brown, and off-white.  Those colors provide a wide range of value so that I can find a ground that any piece – light, dark, or in-between – will show up against.  Also I’ve chosen colors that suggest nature which is the source of my inspiration.

Second, I’m going to rework my shop banner.  My current one is too visually weak.  I’m going to do a painting of foxes then take a detail from it for the banner.



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