The Birth of Venus

Last weekend I gave a demo on polymer clay mosaics, so of course I needed a bit of a head start on a piece.  I decided on my theme first – “The Birth of Venus” after Sandro Botticelli’s painting.  But this time Venus was to be a lovely frog arising from the seashell, and her surroundings were to be based on her pond home.
One of the things I like so much about polymer clay is the rich colors, and for this piece I picked one of my favorite color schemes – turquoise, yellow, and yellow-orange.  It turns out that I have quite a few mica powders and metallic pastes that enhance this combination of colors.
Before the demo I completed the frog, most of the fish, and the background tiles for the entire piece.  Then after the demo it took me a few days to finish it up.  Originally I had planned to use a large Czech glass button with a golden dragonfly as well as a brass stamping of a bird and more pearls and stones.  But in the end I thought it was better without so many different materials.
The two ribbon inscriptions both say “The Birth of Venus” – the top one in English and the bottom one in the original Italian.  With both due respect and apologies to Botticelli, I’m happy with this piece.  And I’ve listed it in my Etsy shop.


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