Coyote Pine Needle Basket

I listed this pine needle basket I made on Etsy and thought I’d write about it because I don’t think I did so when I was making it.  About three years ago I took a one day workshop on the basics of constructing pine needle baskets and found that I enjoy it very much even though – or maybe because – it’s so tedious.
 The needles in this basket are from my own property here, from large Digger Pine branches that came down in a big snowstorm in December 2009.  I like that I harvested and dried the needles myself. 
 When I began the basket I didn’t really know where I was going – except round and round of course!  I knew I wanted an oval but that was about the extent of the “design” process.  Once I was done I knew it needed something on the top so I made this little animal out of polymer clay.  It appears that I was a bit confused about what kind of animal it was to be.  It looks a bit fox-like but the coloring is more coyote.  As always, I couldn’t resist a bit of beading.
The closure is an antique copper button that I bought on eBay that has a fox’s head on it.  Those types of buttons were made for hunting jackets, hunting being an activity of which I strongly disapprove.  But I buy them because I like the foxes so much.

I found it difficult to actually use the button when I made this piece (rather than keep it in my collection).  And now I’ve found it even more difficult to list the piece.  But of course listing it doesn’t mean it will sell.  And if it does, hopefully the new owner will appreciate it.  


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