A Beginning for the Foxes

I’m starting a painting of two foxes.  Aside from just wanting to do the painting, when it’s finished I’m intending to use a detail of it for my Etsy shop banner since my Etsy shop is named The Foxes’ Garden.  My plan is to do a different fox painting for each season and change the banners as the seasons change.
So here is step one.  Actually, I guess it’s more like step one-and-one-half.  The first step was toning the canvas with blocks of color that would serve as an under painting.   This is still visible in the lower half of the painting.
After that I worked on the sky and background trees, undergrowth, and pine trees.  There is still work to be done there but I’ve done enough to be able to move on to the other areas of the painting.  The tan strip under the foxes will be the grounding for a rather thick area of snow-covered weeds.  I can see now that this strip is too curved and follows the shape of the background tree line too closely, so I’ll change that.  I’ll shift the left end upwards so it’s more of a level band and so that it doesn’t end in the corner of the painting.
At this stage, the composition seems flawed as the eye travels out of the painting to the left.  I’ll have to watch that as it develops.  I’m hoping the strong band of reeds and the detail in the foxes will counteract that.  I’ve noticed that I seem to favor very still compositions.
By the way, my support is canvas adhered to hardboard with acrylic gel medium.


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