A Mistake – What to Do?

When I looked at this painting yesterday something seemed wrong but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  Now I think I see.  The depth and scale are off.  From the size of the foxes they should be close.  And from the size of the deciduous tree, they should be far.  The pines would be mid-way.  But it doesn’t look like that.  Distance is indicated not just be relative size but also by how high up vertically an object is.  The further the object, the higher it will be.  But those deciduous trees are about the same height as the pines.  That means they should be the same distance back, but their relative size says that the pines are closer.  So we have conflicting information – and that’s confusing.

Also, the dead weeds look like cat tails.  But they’re also in the same distance plane as the foxes.  So that either makes the foxes huge or the cat tails teeny.

I’ve got real problems here, and I’m not sure how to solve them.  But this is an interesting lesson.  At least I think I did a pretty nice job on the snow…


2 thoughts on “A Mistake – What to Do?”

  1. I wrote out a whole thing on what I see right. But I don't do realism, so maybe my tolerances for scale are not as exact as yours. So, I deleted the message. 😀 I like it. Have you worked on it more? What have you done to it since this post? I'm just curious. Your work is wonderful.


  2. Hi, Janet,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I have worked on it more, and just did another post. I had the pleasure of visiting my daughter and her family so wasn't doing art for a week – now I'm back to it!


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