New from Old

I’m reinventing some older pieces of jewelry I made to make them more wearable, and here’s the first piece, in progress.
Previously the owl pendant hung from a rather complicated necklace with many purple polymer clay beads.
The new necklace will be a pendant hanging from a simple braided leather cord.  The owl and purple background disk are a single piece of polymer clay.  I sanded the back flat, removing a polymer clay bail and roughing and evening the back surface.  I then glued it to a piece of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, a backing for bead embroidery, and added the rings of beading and the beaded dangles.  In this photo, I’m gluing a piece of ultrasuede on the back to cover the stitching – the first step in making a nice finish.
The tiny “moon” is a mother of pearl antique button.  I sanded the shank off the back so that I could glue it to the polymer clay.  This “moon” covers a hole that a beaded dangle hung through on the original piece.
There is a hole sideways through the two feet so I could add something for the owl to be grabbing or sitting on, but this way he just looks like he’s in flight.  So, the jury’s still out on that design decision.
Tomorrow I should have the piece completed.


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