Back to the Cat, Who Will be Elfwyn

I sculpted the head and paws for a cat art doll a while ago but then got diverted onto other projects.  Now I’m back to it.  When I got it out of the box I had it stored in I realized that I wasn’t happy with the sculpting on the head so I made some changes – primarily puffing out the sides and adding a bit to the top of the head so that the ears didn’t look so big.

After letting it dry for a few days (it’s air-dry paper clay) I started painting today.   As always I began with the eyes.  I’d like to be able to dome some resin over them to get them really shiny but I’m not quite sure how I’d do it as there are no sculpted depressions that correspond exactly with the shapes of the eyeballs.  But I’ll do some testing on paper clay scraps and see what I can do.

The colors here are just the under-paintings, plus I’ve begun to sketch in the position of the markings.  She will be a European Forest Cat – a rare wild cat about the size of a house cat and with markings very similar to a tabby but with more brown than gray.  So here’s the beginning, and I look forward to getting back to it tomorrow.


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