Aelfwynn has a Body

Aelfwynn now has a body and is all ready for her clothes.  Unfortunately, I’m not quite ready for the clothes as I’m still awaiting some vintage fabrics I ordered from Etsy and I still have decisions to make.

Nonetheless, here she is.  Her body is cotton broadcloth stuffed with regular ol’ synthetic stuffing.  Three wires are going through her body – one for the left leg and arm, the second for the right leg and arm, and the third for the neck/spine/tail.  The wires are not attached to each other.  Her feet are glued onto the wires with two-part epoxy glue.  I’ve stopped using hot glue for a couple of reasons.  First, I can’t seem to control the strings and I often end up with a mess.  But also I’ve had glue joints fail after a year or so – unacceptable!

I’ve wrapped her arms and legs with strips of felt for bulk.  They won’t show when she’s dressed.

Her tail is wool felt which I sewed to her body at the base, then began stuffing and stitching together from the tip upwards.  I painted the markings on it with Jacquard Textile Paints.

The neck of her cloth body is tightly gathered around the groove in her neck so her head can turn.

I haven’t glued the front paws on het.  I’ll put the sleeves on first in case they aren’t wide enough to slip over the paws.


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