The Fox is Felted


The felting went smoothly and here’s my handsome fox.  He’s the Star-Gazer, but besides that, I need to find him a name.  “Simon” just suggested itself to me, so perhaps that will be it – I’ll decide by the next post when I’ll have him dressed.

I like the way this little fellow’s pose turned out, and that was all a result of seemingly endless fiddling with the armature And the tail is nice and fluffy.  Felting right up to the polymer clay head and paws worked out well because the ends of the polymer pieces where they meet the armature are flat.

It will be difficult to decide how to dress him, partly because I am reluctant to cover up much of the felting that I worked so hard on.  But also it will be quite difficult to make kind of jacket for him as the front legs are so far forward on the body.  I guess it’s natural that the ease of constructing human type clothes for a creature will be in proportion to how closely the body resembles a human body.  So the clothing design will take quite a bit of pondering before I proceed.


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