A Beautiful Palomino

The beading on this pendant took about 6 hours.  That’s more than I’ve done on my other recent pendants – the owl, fox, and wolf – and I wonder if it will look overdone on a braided leather cord.  I’m thinking of a dark brown cord rather than the tan cord I’ve been using.  So I used dark brown beads in the peyote stitch bail to facilitate the transition to the color of the cord.
The alternative to a braided leather cord would be a beaded necklace, perhaps a groups of individual strands of the seed beads I used in the pendant embroidery studded with moonstone beads, and rhodocrosite beads if I could get them.  I’m aiming for the braided leather because I think it would make a more wearable piece.  But the beaded necklace would be beautiful.
In the bead embroidery I used four sizes of seed beads, and I think it gives a nice effect.  Mainly, I’ve used Delicas.  But the ivory colored beads ringing the cabochon, the pearly beads in the lower portions, and the gold beads forming the outer ring around the cabochon as well as the outline of the teardrop shape containing two of the moonstones are regular size 11s.  The pink beads around the other two moonstones are 15s.  And I’ve also used a few other colors of 15s here and there to fill holes between the larger beads.  The larger beads at the ends of the dangles are either 8s or 6s, I don’t remember which.  I like the variety in size, and there is also a variety of finishes on these beads.
The symmetry of the shape is not perfect, and I didn’t try to make it so.  I like a bit more of an organic look – an attempt at symmetry, but not obsessively so.


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