Speaking of the Next One, Here It Is – a Puma

Here’s my next bead embroidery pendant, this time with a puma.  I made this little puma head a year or so ago, so she’s waited quite a long time to fully come to life.  She’s sculpted from polymer clay then painted.
I selected two beautiful cabochons to surround her.  The top one is fossilized palm wood.  I’ve forgotten what the other one is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were rainforest jasper.  I bought them both at bead shows and luckily I still had the receipt with the fossilized palm wood, and the receipt documented what the stone was.  Some stones I know immediately, but others are less familiar to me.  In the future, I’ll have to label them.  If I sell them, the buyer might want to know what the stones are.
Anyway, this piece is in the initial bead embroidery stages and I thought it might be good to snap a photo of it at the point.  This piece is a first for me in that I’ve used these beautiful “maple leaf” Czech pressed glass beads.  They’re lightly frosted and a beautiful color of green. 


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