Nascent Rocky

I’ve been wanting to make some animal art dolls that will help me develop a method for creating them that I can pretty much settle on as a standard procedure for me.  I want the head to turn, the arms to move at the shoulder and be somewhat posable, and the legs to be somewhat posable.  I want the arms and legs completely finished so I don’t need long sleeves and pants in the clothing.

With the beginnings of a plan in mind, I’ve begun on this little raccoon.  The size will be important – I’d like it to be about 9″ tall.  So I began by sketching the outline in the size and shape I want, then I used that as a guide when I sculpted the head.

In this photo, I’ve just begun painting the head.  It’s a bit difficult because I sculpted it last night and working with the dark clay in the low evening light, I didn’t get the surface as smooth as I would have liked once I began painting.  With all the contours, sanding would be close to impossible.  So on with the painting anyway!  And there’s a lot of painting to go – this is just the first layer.


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