Those Darn Pesky Threads!

I was itching to get a needle and thread in my hands again, so I started another bead embroidery pendant necklace.  This is another one of the mustangs that I made from polymer clay a few years ago.  Since she’s white, I’ve decided to name this piece “Epona” after the Celtic white mare goddess.
The shape in the lower left is meant to reseble a Celtic knot – just resemble, though, as one would be too complicated to embroider this small.  As I look at it now, it also suggests a trillium to me, a beautiful three-petal white wild flower that I remember from my childhood ramblings in the northeast Ohio woods.
I think the large stone may be Ocean jasper, but I’m not sure.  The smaller three stones are beautiful faceted rose cut smoky quartz which I bought on Etsy at a wonderful shop named Tiger Bead Store, which you can visit at
I say “pesky darn threads” because when I was looking at my enlarged photo I saw a thread wrapped around the pony’s nose!  Apparently as I was sewing the beads on the backing behind her head the thread looped around her hose and I didn’t notice it.  Now I’ll have to cut the thread, tie the ends together if I possibly can (they may be too short) and put a dab of glue on the knot.  The beads can’t come off because after I sew a row, sewing each bead onto the backing, I run the thread back through all the beads in the line so each bead has two separate threads.  But it could get messy if the thread ends worked loose somehow.  Fortunately, the correction won’t show.
Back to beading tomorrow!


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