The Fairy House in Situ

The Fairy House is now finished and in place in its own little fairy garden.
To finish the house, I glazed the roof and birds with Mayco stoneware glaze, using Black Walnut for the birds and Green Tea for the roof.  This was my first glazing experience with stoneware, and I was very happy with the results. I especially like the Black Walnut.   Oh, I also glazed the roof of the little lantern which is sitting on the stone to the right of the house.
For the windows, I rough-cut pieces from a broken pressed glass plate and glued them in place.  They look very pretty, especially when I put a battery operated tea light inside the house (the roof comes off).  The door is a little piece of well weathered wood from an old garden stake.  The door handle is a faceted crystal bead, and for the hinge I used a small strip of artist canvas which I glued on the inside to both the door and the door frame.  I used E6000 glue.
The garden is in a planter box I made from cedar fence boards.  It’s 24″ x 14″ and two boards deep on the right end and 3 extra inches deep on the left end, allowing for the little hillside.  That’s a parma violet planted on the hill.  I transplanted a tiny bit of baby tears, a teensy violet, and a bit of moss from my garden.  But it was hard to find anything to transplant with the terrible drought we’re having here in California this past year.
I ordered a half flat of elfin thyme for covering most of the ground.  A friend is giving me a little start of Japanese maple.  So there’s more planting to do, then waiting while the plants take hold.  A fairy primrose might be nice, but possibly too big.
I’m planning to make a gazing ball from a marble and a stoneware base.


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