Never Too Many Owls

Last summer when I went to the NIADA conference, I took a wonderful workshop from Connie Smith on sculpting animal doll heads in stoneware.  For the class, she made a little set of sculpting tools for each of her students.  She made them by whittling bamboo chopsticks, and one of those tools is the most useful sculpting tool I have.  It’s like a tiny pointed spoon and I use it to form eyes, among many other things – such as the “tile” roof on my fairy garden house.
On this piece I used it for the smaller feathers you see on the forehead and upper wings.  But what I really need is a variation on that tool.  Instead of pressing in on the feather tips, I need the tool to press into the “v” shaped space between the feathers.  In fact, a variety of sizes would be useful.  So I guess I’d better get out for Chinese food and bring home some chopsticks!
This is supposed to be a druid owl, complete with leafy chaplet and the celtic cross on his chest.  When I started to tackle making the celtic cross I expected it to be really difficult, but it went surprisingly smoothly.
This is no particular species of owl, but is loosely modeled on the burrowing owl which, unfortunately, I don’t think is an inhabitant of traditionally celtic lands.
All the details were the most enjoyable part of this piece.  Now I’m contemplating how to glaze him.

2 thoughts on “Never Too Many Owls”

  1. How adorable! He is one wise owl, isn't he? I found your page through amazon, because I checked out your Drawing Birds in colored pencils book from my library. Your art is truly wonderful and inspiring!


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