A Bit More on Daisy

After a few more hourse of working on this painting, this is where I am.  There is one big difference between this painting and my source photo which I may or may not decide to change.  In the photo, rather than having a shadow under her chin, the light is brightening the white fur and her chin, being in shadow, is darker.  It’s an interesting effect, and an unusual way of showing that her muzzle is projecting forward.  So I may try to re-create this as I work further on this painting.

Last night I put the painting up beside the television so I could look at it leisurely.  As a result, I saw several little corrections that I want to make in the drawing, which I’ll do first think when I return to work on her.  Even though all the colors are blocked in, there’s still a lot to do.

By the way, since I took this photo with the painting at an angle, the light is capturing some of the metallic gold showing through the background about Daisy’s head.


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