Daisy’s Finished

My portrait of my dear dog Daisy is finished now.  In addition to portaying her sweet spirit, I had an art goal in mind.  A few years ago I took a workshop from Carel Brest van Kempen who is a wonderful artist and a Master member of the Society of Animal Artists.  As part of the class,, students were to bring a few examples of their work and one of the pieces I took was a drawing of the head and bust of an older Golden Retriever.  I was fairly pleased with the drawing, but Carel observed that it had a flatness to it.  So when working on this piece, I kept in mind that I wanted to be sure to portray depth.
I hope I succeeded, mainly in painting the white areas.  I used three different whites, keeping the lightest to only a few areas.
Common art wisdom is to avoid using black and to use white very sparingly.  So in this piece I have broken at least one of those rules.  I actually like using black.  But I did use burnt umber and dioxazine purple with it. 
My final step was to tone down most of the red background with washes of burnt umber. 


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