A Fairy Garden Update

I’ve done some more work on my fairy garden, so I thought an update would be in order.  Here in the original garden I added a few pieces.  In front of the house to the left is a little bird bath with a black bird in it.  To the right is a gazing ball.  The stand is ceramic while the ball itself is a marble.  But the more complicated piece that I made and added is in the far left, in the “shadow” of the violets – a gazebo.  This little piece is a rustic style.  It has six “posts” which are sculpted to look like branches.  The roof is glazed the same color as the house roof, and the “tiles” are the same style.  But to carry out the rustic style, I added a little leaf at the peak.
But, still, I hadn’t had enough!  So I built another 14″ x 24″ box – the fairy garden extension.

The garden clearly needed a water feature, so here it is, still in progress.  I’ve sunk an oval pyrex baking dish for the pond and added some luscious mossy rocks that I found by the stream on my property.  The weird construction of flower pots will house the pump with the tube going up through the saucer with the water spilling over the edge. The terracotta pots were surprisingly easy to drill holes through with a masonry bit.  Then I found that I could enlarge the hole with a round wood rasp to just the size I needed for the water tube.  I placed tiny pebbles and larger rocks in the bottom of the “pond,” and eventually the ground cover should come right to the edge and effectively cover the glass rim of the dish.

The terracotta pots are a bit unsightly, but I’m hoping to encourage moss to cover them – we’ll see.

The little building is another of my stoneware creations.  It was originally intended to be an artist’s studio.  The banner over the door says “MAGICK HAPPENS HERE.”  I also made the tiny bench in front of the building.  There’s a window box below the side window.  I was careful to put holes in the bottom of it for drainage and I’m hoping I can find a plant tiny enough to grow in it – perhaps baby tears.  By the way, to the left, directly below the violet leaf, is a little stoneware lantern on a copper wire “shepherd’s hook” holder.

This project has been so fun and satisfying, and I expect the day to day maintenance to continue to be a joy.  I so enjoyed making the little houses that I made one for my sister and two to put in my Etsy shop once I finally get around to taking the photos.


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