Failure Brings Perspective

Considering the number of colors and the fact that everything needs three coats, I can honestly say that there is a lot of work involved in applying the glaze to these mosaic pieces.  So when I opened the kiln and saw this result, I was horrified.  In my mind it was a complete failure – all that work wasted!
But my favorite cat was near death with cancer, and suddenly none of this mattered.  Truly.
I decided to go ahead and finish the piece to get practice with assembly and grouting and to flush out any problems that would play into planning future mosaic pieces.  My sister says she likes this.  So, maybe if I donate it to the KVIE (public television station in Sacramento) auction someone might buy it and enjoy it while raising a bit of money for the station.
But, really, making Starbuck’s last days the best that they can be is all that counts.


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