A Mouse Shaman

Mice have been quite fascinating for me lately.  Here’s the little clay creation I sculpted today – a mouse shaman.  Her “robe” is a slab of clay that I pressed into a polymer clay texture mold I made a few years ago.  I’ve always liked this mold and have used it many times.  I made it by pressing leaves and grass heads I collected from around the property into a slab of the polymer clay then baking it.

I’d like to make some more of these texture molds but there just aren’t appropriate materials available this time of year.  I need things that are small, have distinct patterns, and are hard enough to stand up to pressing into the polymer.

When this piece is fired and glazed I’m planning to glue a little feather behind the leaf on her head. I pressed a hole with a toothpick under the leaf so I’ll have a place to glue to feather later.  Planning ahead!  Can you imagine that?

This view of her shows a bit of her tail which is curled up against her robe.


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