The Finished Druid Owl

For quite some time now I’ve been almost done with this little guy.  Now he’s finally finished!  The final touch was adding the glass beads to his leafy crown.  I used a few different styles and colors of glass leaves along with translucent off-white (the palest green, actually, with a bit of an opalized look) glass drops.

When I made the ceramic owl, I poked three holes in amongst the leaves in the crown to accommodate beading later on.  The beads are wired together in clusters with the twisted wire ends glued into those holes.

Since this is a Druid owl, I intended the crown to suggest oak and mistletoe, which we sacred to the Celts.  Although my ceramic leaves aren’t strictly oak leaf shapes, I think the deeply incised veins on the larger leaves produce a lobed look, like oak leaves.  The smaller ceramic leaves are suggestive of beech.  I don’t know whether or not beech was sacred, but it would have been common in the ancient forests of the British Isles.  The glass drops suggest mistletoe berries.

Now all he needs is a name.  I think Percival would be good – a very old English name, and the name of the truest of Arthur’s knights.


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